panorama pastviny

Our family moved to Vodna from Pelhrimov in 1997, when we bought one country house. Then we reconstructed this house including the stables and as time went on we built a new stables for horses and cattle. Then we built an arched warehouse and in 2007 started a construction of winter stables for meat-cattle. These stables we built for the purpose of timed birth of calves in winter period, because in our geographical location and climatic conditions (550 m above see level) it is not appropriate to leave breeding cattle grazing outdoor and expect good reproduction at the same time.

Let's start from the very beggining. With horse breeding we started when we bought horses of Shagya-arab breed in 1999, which we were only using for horseback riding after we went through a couple of short courses. As time went on we sold our little herd of Shagya-arab Shagya-arab horses because of a narrow coverage of our firm and although we do not own any of these horses today, they still live with us in our lovely memories and thanks to these horses we also know a lot of devoted and good people.
In 2006 we came to another turning point. When we bought and also rented some farmland in neighbourhood and bought first four thoroughbred heifers of the french meat breed called Limousin, which was known for modest breeding and easier birth delivers. This breed is closely specialized for production of the best beef and in France, where we have bought six breeding heifers and a breeding bull, this is the most widespread breed with around a million of pieces - in Czech there is just about a thousand of registered pieces. However, this is a worldwide spread breed incl. pacific islands. With breeding of our cattle we succeeded just at the very beginning. Bull called Pavlínek Vodenský (ZLI-601) was born in our stable and with 92 points out of 100 is the best rated bull in Czech Republic.

From cattle breeding it's just a step to horse breeding - the beautiful american horses of breeds Paint Horse and Quarter Horse. First two - black overo stallion and lovely colored tobiano mare flew over Atlantic to us in summer of 2006 when they were only 4 moths old and we picked them up on the Amsterdam airport. Both of them were Paint Horse from High Eagle Ranch in Colorado and both are being trained for their first big races. Beside them we also have another three horses from USA and two local born foals.

Nechyba HL Ranch - koně
Breeding of these horses and our relation to cattle influenced our next course. We came to the world which connects horse breeding and cattle breeding together - the world of western contests and shows of National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA). In town Reno, Nevada, in 2009 we saw one of the most prestigious events - Snaffle Bit Futurity, which takes place annually at the end of September / beginning of October. Then we had no doubts about our future course. Right next year in 2010, after a short preparation with Mr. Bárta and Mrs. Baron, we took a part in the first contest of ERCHA association in Italy. With these two coaches we still practice and they train our horses too. In 2011 we continue on this entered course with our youngest son and hopefully we all will take part in this in the future.


Future outlook

Besides everyday life and a purchase of four Aberdeen Angus heifers for the purpose of starting a new utility herd from which we will use calves for herd work and working cow horse training, we live with the thought of building here a new multi-functional reined cow horse training hall. And when we say multi-functional, we mean the hall with the full background  - its own riding hall, stable for cattle, boxes for horses, saddle room, club...
Pictures from the construction site we will upload on this website, because we've got all needed permissions already, we've got contractors too and now we just need to start - probably in the autumn of this year. So we'll see... and if you visit us, you'll see too... but you don't have to wait for us to finish the hall, give us a ring and come to visit us. Who knows, maybe you will buy some calf or a foal from us and at the end of the day we'll  all be happy we've got to know each other.
So see you soon and Good Bye.

Pavel Nechyba, Ranch owner