Paint Horse

American Paint Horse is a color variation of American Quarter Horse breed, which was caused by genetic regularities. Paint Horse have the same qualities as Quarters Horse - kind and hardworking character, dynamic, stamina and sense for work with cattle. Despite of these facts, after foundation of AQHA these horses were marked as unregisterable due to their coloration and became kind of "horse outlet".

Due to the crudeness of genetic laws the owners of these horses could not find the cause. They knew they had a quality foals even with a perfect genesis, but they could not register them. Some of these owners founded a Paint Quarter Horse Association in town Abilene in 1961.

They founded this association to be able to register these spot pattern colored Quarter horses. When time showed it is not possible to avoid foals of one color even when they had spot pattern  colored parents a special breed registry was founded for these one colored horses. And then an American Paint Horse Association was founded in 1965. Recently this registry is the fastest growing in USA.

Every horse of the American Paint Horse breed is a unique original due to various kinds of coloration and a number of colors and patterns which are possible to register. To allow the horse to be registered in a Regular Registry of APHA, it has to meet the requirements for a minimum amount of white color and one of the parent has to be APHA registered. A horse without required color pattern can be registered as a Solid Paint Breed, but only when one of parents is APHA registered. Spot pattern colored horses of the breeds other than Paint, Quarter or thoroughbred - being a warm blood, Arabian or cold blooded and their cross breeds - can not be registered at APHA.

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